European Practitioners’ Network

At EURO2016 in Poznan, the Making an Impact streams are aimed at providing value for practitioners, through case studies, workshops, facilitated networking, mentoring, and other activities. They are a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to share experience and learn from each other.

We will take advantage of this gathering of practitioners to discuss how we can convert it into a more permanent European Practitioner Network, perhaps as a EURO working group.

The network's objective would be to support OR practitioners: people whose primary source of income is selling OR services, either to their employer or to clients.

It would encourage and support the communication and exchange of ideas among practitioners in industry as well as practitioners operating as freelancers.

The participants would benefit from:

  • finding out about practice across Europe, bringing in new ideas to their own practice from how things are done elsewhere;
  • having access to complementary skills in various fields, e.g., transport, supply chain, cutting stock or energy; and making themselves visible to others working in complementary fields,
  • the possibility of cross-country collaboration,
  • and definitely from getting to know intellectually enjoyable individuals.

If you are interested in being part of the network, please email with a subject line of "PRACTITIONERS NETWORK", indicating whether you will or will not be coming to Poznan, any suggestions you have for what you would like such a network to do, and any contribution you would like to make to it.